[ Akagi-kohgen Hospital appeared in TV program "News Plus 1 - child abuse" ]

Akagi-kohgen Hospital appeared in the year-end special TV program "News Plus 1 - focusing on the mysteries of child abuse". The program featured the treatment of a 21-year-old young lady who survived child abuse. She was emotionally unstable and depressed. She had suicidal tendencies and had slashed her wrist many times. In fact, the program showed the doctor treating her cut wrist. After her 'rage-fit', he explained that the rage-fit was the recovery process in child abuse survivors and it showed that the patient understood the fact that "these people never abandoned me" even though she expressed her real feelings. Child abuse survivors are the most difficult people to treat and recovery is usually a lengthy painful process.
When we treat alcoholic families, we should never overlook latent problems of child abuse. We believe it's our duty to help those children or adult children of alcoholics with their difficulties.

AKH By Michio Takemura, M.D.(01/23/1999)

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