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(Updated on 06/15/2011)

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Akagi-kohgen Hospital was recently chosen as one of the top 100 hospitals in Japan. (10th Jan. 1999)
Akagi-kohgen Hospital appeared on a TV program (NTV) featuring child abuse survivors. (29th Dec. 1998)

If you are interested in our hospital and want to give us your thoughts, please send your letter to the following E-mail address ( address) . Also if you wish to visit our hospital, visitors are welcome at our hospital. Please let us know of your intention to visit by E-mail.

AKH By Michio Takemura, M.D.

Akagi-kohgen Hospital
1051, Kita-Akagi-San, Akagi-Machi,
Shibukawa-City, Gunma Prefecture,
(Postal Code: 379-1111), JAPAN
TEL: 0279-56-8148
(address )

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