【 Akagi-kohgen Hospital listed in top 100 hospitals in Japan 】
Akagi-kohgen Hospital

(Updated 11/04/2000)

Akagi-kohgen Hospital was chosen as one of the top 100 hospitals in Japan in the February edition of a monthly magazine "the Gendai" which is published by one of the big-name publishing companies, Kodansha. There are about 9000 hospitals in Japan.

The author Seiji Yoshihara is a promising journalist who has a great knowledge of medical issues and who has been writing a serial column of "How to keep fit - secret advice by great doctors". He says that he has carefully screened only the most excellent hospitals which stand by the patients side in managerial efforts. Akagi-kohgen Hospital stands alone on the list of major hospitals such as St. Luke's International Hospital, Mitsui Memorial Hospital and Toranomon Hospital which are known for ultramodern medical facilities and high technology equipment because, in contrast, Akagi-kohgen Hospital has only 107 beds and places emphasis on human care, fresh air and beautiful scenery on the highland.

The author introduced our hospital as " specializing in the treatment of alcoholism, helping the family members problems including drug abuse and eating disorders". We understand that the author was able to estimate our high standard in the specialty treatment of alcohol-related problems and the value of the principle of treating the whole family instead of treating only the alcoholic patient, as well as the well-trained dedicated staff and other cooperative facilities in the therapeutic network.
We appreciated this evaluation and we are happy that people understand our policy.

AKH By Michio Takemura, M.D.(01/23/1999)

 Akagi-kohgen Hospital 
 1051, Kita-Akagi-san,
 Akagi-machi, Shibukawa city, Gunma Prefecture, 
 (Postal Code: 379-1111), JAPAN
                                                    TEL: 0279-56-8148

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